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Dish Hoodie Dish Cover

No Snow on the Dish Hoodie

Snow on your dish can cause all
sorts of problems, including lost
satellite signal. The weight of snow
on your dish can also knock your
dish out of alignment.

No matter where your dish is
mounted - a roof, pole, deck -
the last place you want to be
in the dead of winter is clearing
snow off your satellite dish.


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A great looking satellite dish really is this easy!

A Dish Hoodie satellite dish
cover is easy to install, inexpensive and durable.

As low as $26.95

This satellite antenna dish cover effectively reduces ice build-up and snow accumulation that can affect your signal and picture quality. The fact that it gives you a great looking dish is a bonus!

  • Easy back drawstring closure
  • Installs in minutes
  • Durable black fabric
  • Fade resistant
  • Won't affect satellite signal
  • Fit a wide variety of sizes -
    DISH, DirecTV, Internet dishes Up to 36" dish

Get yours today! JUST $29.95
(Solid Black $26.95)

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Dish Hoodie Flag
American Flag $29.95

Dish Hoodie Dish Cover
Solid Black $26.95

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